Types of account builds on OSRS

Date: 14/11/2019

Combat is one of the finer components of RuneScape and forms the basis of the PvP game. One can manipulate the combat triangle and combat calculations to produce powerful builds. Here I will discuss some of these builds and the various advantages to them.

First and foremost, the most elementary build to grace the game (and my favourite, shoutout W371/417 gang) is the R2H pker. These type of pures PK with a maple shortbow for quick DPS followed by a R2H smack with the potential to hit upto 31 at 99 strength. P2P is rife with 50 attack G maul PKERs. These types of pures are based in the 50-70 CB bracket and have a very hit crit-ratio, often producing an 1 tick insta smack maul spec. They have lessened in popularity following the BH rework update. Further in the 1 defence category are 60 attack and 75 attack pures. The weapon of choice of these builds are the dragon scimitar and Armadyl godsword respectively.

Some builds prefer a small defence increase for some untradable bonuses. Such builds are the berserker pure (zerker) or the piety pure. Berserker pures (and also rune pures) attain 40-45 defence through questing. Then combined with 176 QPs they have access to barrow gloves for BiS strength bonuses. In addition to the fighter torso, rune defender and the prolific Infernal cape a berserker pure bosses the intermediate combat range.
Standing alongside berserker pures are pieties. These choose to get 70 defence in return for the Piety prayer for maximum meele bonuses. Another, albeit nearing obselete build, is the ranged tank. These tend to have very high defence and ranged but mediocre meele stats.

Thus one has a huge range of options to choose from. Most of these builds are equally fun to make and PK on. A very popular build as of recent is the 50 attack piety. At a low combat with piety it will tear anything in the 70-99 bracket. Combined with an Infernal cape these are becoming a problem in the PvP scene. Why not enquire for a Infernal cape on your account from Holy Cherrys for the ultimate edge in combat? Or seek questing from one of the most efficient questers here. The choice is yours.

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