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Rigour requires 70 Defence and 74 Prayer to use.
Rune Crossbow requires 70 Defence to select.



Did an infernal for me, really skilful, great flicks. Gave plenty of tips to help me out in the future. Big vouch!

- 1001010

Massive vouch for holy cherry. He is extremely skilled and got the cape with ease. He was very friendly and easy to work with. Will be returning for another cape on the alt.

- winstonwithers

Did my acb pure inferno with no issues first try. Very polite and a fast responder. Also a great price and insane prayer flicks.

- skaterboy2828

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does this all work?

    We complete Infernos safely by remoting to your PC. This ensures the cape is conducted on your playing IP and PC, thus alleviating any bans.

  2. What is required for this service?

    A high speed connection, 1-2 hours of your time and attention and the neccesary gear to complete the Inferno. There is no particular upload speed to do an remote Inferno on. We have done Infernos off of mobile phones before!

  3. How can I trust this service?

    The name Holy Cherrys speaks for itself and alludes trust since conception in 2009. Beginning with Firecapes to Inferno capes we are known for integrity and hard work. Use us with confidence.

  4. What is the risk of ban from this service?

    There are no recorded incidents of bans from my service, as all capes are conducted remotely. We do not use proxy/portfoward/VPN methods employed by many others.

  5. What payment methods do you take?

    We take 07 gold or BTC. BTC is generally the preferred medium.

  6. Do you sell accounts with Infernos?

    We Occasionally have stock of some pre-built accounts. However we also make custom built accounts.Click here for accounts.

  7. How many pets have you achieved?

    At the time of writing, we have had 13 pets across all orders. this translates to roughly 3.25% chance. better than average!

  8. Do you sell gold or other services?

    We do sell gold occasionally at better rates then dedicated gold sites. Though I do not provide other services, I will link other users I believe to be trustworthy.