Privacy Policy

At we do not process or sell services without direct contact with customers. Thus we do not take personal data that may be used on other websites such as credit card information or address.

Our Live Chat service, Freshchat, stores a users: IP address, rough geolocation, browser information and chat history upto a fixed time period.

For the payment method of Bank Transfer within the United Kingdom only we hold a record of a customers ID document, bank account number and sort code for anti-fraud measures.

All such data is handled by Holy Cherrys himself and will not be released to other parties. reserves the right to release such information if fraud is committed against anyone involved with the site. Information may also be provided to law enforcement, if required within the remit of the law. By interacting with this site in any way you agree to be bound by the aforementioned policies.

Date reviewed: 14/11/2019